How to rent office space without
unpleasant surprises
Companies of all sizes need to run their business from a professional environment. There are many options out there to accomplish this goal. Let's evaluate the alternatives...
Lower your costs with a shared office space
A fact about office space is that support areas like kitchen, bathrooms and conference rooms are empty most of the time. So why not share them with other companies and enjoy the benefits?
Buying vs. renting office space:
The truth behind it
When companies grow it seems like buying an office space is a good idea. But sometimes it can be very limiting for further growth. Let's go over the pros and cons to make an informed decision.
The ultimate guide to calculate office space
Wondering how much office space you need to accomodate all your employees and have room to grow? Do you know how much it will cost? A real world example can help you figure it out.
What should you know about
serviced office space
Running an office is not as easy as it sounds. With Serviced Office Space you literally outsource all the problems and intricacies of running the office itself to focus on your core business.