How to rent office space without unpleasant surprises

Business life can be very hectic. Paperwork, meetings with clients, strategic presentations...Not to mention monthly financial reports and problematic coworkers. Now imagine having to deal with everything regarding office space search. We bet you're already exhausted, right? The good news is you can count on our market specialist's guidance from the day you decide to search office space for rent up to the day you move into your new workplace. We're also providing these tips so you can take them into consideration once you've fall in love with any of our locations.

Consider the nature and culture of your business

Looking for an office is going to be a completely different experience if you have clothes as your main product or you own an advertising agency. If you're the CEO of the successful women's clothing store, then aspects like traffic, showrooms availability and storage will be main topics of conversations. On the other hand, if you have a young advertising agency you'll probably look for other characteristics like common areas, the business center's personality and a 24/7 access to the office.

Analyze your company's culture

This means you need to study what are the core values of your business, how your team interacts and the way you want clients to perceive your product/service. Law firms are probably looking for a corporate space where they can reflect their competence and reliability. On the other hand, startups may not look for top business centers, but rather places where they can network and share their knowledge with professionals from different backgrounds.

Hint: Don´t forget to ask if you're allowed to customize the office space.

All that being said, our marketing specialists have also identified some patterns:

  • Large corporations often opt for conventional leases though should always consider shared offices for branch locations and disaster recovery.
  • Small companies are better served by opting for private office space.
  • Young entrepreneurs and freelancers tend to enjoy the community sense found in co-working environments.
  • If you're just starting, working from home and do not need a full-time access to an office space, a virtual office is ideal to portray a professional image and have a place to meet.

Choose a configuration that works for your company

Depending on the type of work and your team's profile, you can set up in one or a combination of the following:

  • Open space plans: In these spaces teams can interact and collaboration is encouraged. In fact, "open office spaces are believed to grant a sense of shared responsibility among employees because they are perceived as less rigid and more mellow in atmosphere. In other words, coworkers are better able to collaborate in an office space, rather than have to go hunt someone down in their office or cubicle". In this type of space plans, rates per seat are lower but due to its nature, privacy is somewhat compromised. However, conference rooms, phone cabinets and small meeting rooms are set up to address this.
  • Private offices: These type of offices provide, as the term implies, privacy. They do come at a higher cost per head but are typically affordable and well-priced for the comfort and prestige they provide. In addition to this, general privacy is ensured for those dealing with confidential work and important discussions; as well as mind concentration on accounting and statistical work.

Acknowledge furniture and equipment

Although most of our business centers come fully furnished and serviced, some offices might need a bit of work before you actually move your things in. If you want to know exactly what space will look like make sure you analyze if you require improvements like paint and carpet, or whether you need to move or add any walls and doors. Don't forget to ask who will pay for this work. There are some business centers that will take responsibility of this.

Another factor to analyze is your office equipment. Would you rather bring your own furniture or are you specifically looking for an office that offers this amenity? If you're bringing your own, make sure the space you're renting fully covers your needs. This means, study if workstations can be displayed the way your team works at its best or if the furniture is too big for the square foots available. Electronic requirements should be also looked closely. For example, if you count with 20 computers you must guarantee there are enough electric plugs. Furthermore, examine if there's space if you need to bring your special printer or any other electronic device.

Every business center has its own décor and atmosphere. Some may be modern, others vintage or maybe rustic. Make sure your team feels comfortable around the space and that your company's personality matches with what the business center is transmitting. The last thing you want to do is for your techie company to be in the most corporate business center around, where suits and high heels are everywhere.

Hint: Make sure you have a budget in mind. You don't want to end up with your sleepy nights, just because you've chosen an office that's going to put your company too far in debt. Look for common areas to have fun and rest.

Look for common areas

Nobody wants to work for eight hours straight without any breaks or a good chat with a coworker. We mean, is that even possible? Therefore, common areas are critical for any business. Just think you work in a small crowded office, where there's no space for you to have lunch. In fact, you actually eat at the desk you make essential decisions for your company and sometimes take small naps in the same hard table. Sounds traumatic and somewhat cruel! However, chances are that you can flip the coins easily.

Business centers actually know about the importance of this, so many of its rooms have been developed to accommodate all the creative needs of an artistic company, rooms to play sports and even gardens for people to feel fresh while working. As a matter of fact, there are some that provide massage rooms, sky lounges, and spaces where TVs are displayed for employees to enjoy a football game.

Ask for any events or network experiences

One of the reasons you may want to relocate your business into a shared office space is because it gives you the possibility to meet different professionals, connect with other companies and relate with experts that can help you exploit your skills. Therefore, ask your local manager to describe any of the events offered and to give you examples of how these gatherings have helped other businesses.

We searched for experiences you can live in some business centers. These are some examples:

  • Monthly classes: Community managers often coordinate with local experts to give a series of monthly classes. These may include small business accounting, digital marketing or public relations.
  • Weekly breakfasts/happy hours: Nothing but to start work with a full stomach, a great coffee, and some pancakes. Or to end a busy week with a happy hour and a nice talk with other peers.
  • Morning runs and yoga: Some business centers bring in a yoga teacher or organize a running group, to get the brain going. Want to join the group?

If you need more tips on how to find the perfect office space for rent you can visit our blog or call one of our local experts. Remember you don't have to make this decision by yourself! So, what are you waiting to start your search?

Hint: You will not spend a penny. Our service is totally free!

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